Image02Sound like a Pro in just seconds.

Sweet-n-Low Music is excited to announce our partnership with LANDR:

the world’s first instant cloud-based mastering service.

Starting at $1.99 LANDR professionally masters your tracks directly on Sweet-n-Low’s platform to give you studio-quality sound within minutes.

What does it do?

LANDR listens to your tracks individually, giving your song clarity, punch, and unlocking the full potential of your music. It makes your music sound great through headphones, stereo, a club, or online.

How does it work? Simply and Risk-Free.

Just upload your track, listen to the free, mastered preview, and decide for yourself before purchase.

LANDR’s powerful cloud-based mastering tool is driven by algorithms that understand the nuances in your track, so every build up and breakdown sounds great.

No pre-sets, only intelligent mastering at incredibly affordable rates.

Get started with LANDR today and hear for yourself.