Digital Music Distribution

Sweet N Low can help with your digital music distribution requirements.
Music labels rarely have the expertise and time to keep up with all digital products and business models or negotiate and communicate with hundreds of download platforms.
Likewise, the music download sites often lack the time and resources to acquire content from hundreds of recording artists and record labels and cooperate with them in their day-to-day business.
Sweet N Low functions as an interface between retailers and rights owners.
We collect content from many music labels and provide them to numerous shops in the mobile phone and internet sector.
By combining the rights of many smaller music labels we have created a great and varied catalogue that is recognised by music digital retailers around the world.
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As a digital distributor, Sweet N Low guarantees to its labels availability and good placement with the digital retailers, just like a physical distributor ensures the availability of releases at offline retailers such as your trusted record store. We offer digital retailers a one-stop content package that includes all required rights.
How Sweet N Low works:
• License rights of sound recordings from the labels
• Collect music and meta data from the labels and archive them
• Sub-license the recordings to web and mobile suppliers
• Pre-process the content to fit the individual requirements of the various digital platforms
• Supply the content to web and mobile suppliers electronically
• Perform online retail marketing for our repertoire
• Collect royalties from digital retailers, administer account statements and account revenues to our labels

Digital Music Distribution FAQs

Sweet N Low provides you with access to a bespoke Content Management Console (CMC) which can be accessed via most browsers from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and you´re ready to go. Once you´ve uploaded tracks and entered releases into our CMC, they are stored securely for later access and use.
There are NO setup fees at all to work with Sweet N Low. There are also NO additional or hidden costs that you will need to pay. We only take the agreed commission rate from your sales as stated in the distribution agreement. Along the way we will provide you with free help and advice.
Sweet N Low is connected with an ever growing number of shops and services. This does not mean that your music will be available in every store in the list. Many niche stores specialize in specific genres or have vetting policies so your music may not be suitable for them. Sweet N Low will endeavor to get your music on as many platforms as possible, provide help and advice to ensure your label meets their requirements. We allow labels to opt out certain shops and services if you do not want us to deliver your content to them.
Sweet N Low recommends that you allow 4 weeks lead time when submitting your releases for distribution. This gives our team enough time to process your release and to request features / banners at relevant stores. It is possible for Sweet N Low to get your music online within 3 days but not all services can ingest your music in this time frame. In short – Sweet N Low recommends 4 weeks with the minimum being 2 weeks’ notice.
Important – Your first release through Sweet N Low can take longer due to the time in which it takes stores and services to review your label. We always recommend 4 weeks for your very first release.
Your rights and the ownership of your copyright are not affected. Your contract with Sweet N Low will just give us permission to distribute and sell your music on your behalf for the duration of the contract.
Sweet N Low can pay your royalties via PayPal and International Bank Transfer. You choose which payment method you would like us to use when you invoice us for your royalties. PayPal is by far the quickest and easiest way to send you money but this is not available in every country. A list of PayPal countries can be found here: For international customers that can’t accept PayPal payments we can send IBAN transfers. These may incur a charge depending on your country which will be deducted from your royalties. Your bank may also charge you to receive money from abroad.

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