LANDR Mastering

Blow your tracks up.

You’ve spent days mixing your track. Making sure everything is perfect.

But no matter how hard you work, you can’t get that “final polish” of commercial music.

And when you’re ready to let it go out into a world filled with millions of songs, you want it to have the best chance of standing out.

LANDR Mastering was built so that you can get pro studio sound without having a superstar’s budget.

Unlock the full potential of your music. LANDR listens to your tracks individually, giving you hit song loudness, presence and clarity, instantly.

Get LANDRed. Get heard.

Uncompressed WAV $9.99
16/44 Best for streaming

High Res MP3 $4.99
320kpbs Highest Quality

Low Res MP3 $1.99
192kpbs Optimized for sharing


Mastering is the art of refining and polishing finished mixdowns by making subtle adjustments to equalization, selectively adding compression, limiting, stereo enhancement, and other psychoacoustic tricks like aural excitation. Are you excited yet?
LANDR is designed to be nearly foolproof, but, like any mastering service, or relationship, it benefits from a little bit of breathing room. The most important thing to consider for your premaster is headroom. In fact, you should leave several dbs of headroom (keep the bouncing master level meters well below the red), ideally at -4 or -5db. Secondly, avoid compression, limiting or EQ on the master output of your final mix. Only apply these processes if you feel they are musically essential, and try a version where they are left out completely. Finally, export your mix in the highest possible bit depth (ex: 24bit) and sample rate (ex: 48kHz). This shouldn’t make a huge difference over 16bit / 44.1kHz, but the more resolution LANDR has to read from, the more precisely it will make its adjustments.
Our powerful cloud-based mastering tool is designed by sound engineers so, although it employs artificial intelligence, it is guided by profoundly human thought. Most importantly, absolutely no presets. The LANDR team is comprised of leading sound engineers, signal processing specialists, record label owners, musicians and even an astrophysicist, all pursuing excellence in sound using cutting edge technology.
Not at all. We’ve worked hard to avoid this kind of simplistic mastering and have created a highly responsive, sensitive and incredibly musical mastering engine. Keep in mind that we’ve tuned the output based on real human testing, so LANDR is designed to give users what they want… and it’s listening and learning to all the feedback we throw at it, so it’s only going to get better.
You can throw various things at LANDR – anything from stems, beats, DJ mixes, live sets, beats, tracks… You can even use LANDR for production, to master a quick demo for submission, and of course for sync licensing purposes. Get creative with LANDR!
The polish and balance achieved through the subtle adjustments of a skilled mastering engineer is not something we would ever diminish. There are some very talented engineers out there with exceptional ears, capable of brilliant work. It’s a beautiful art form, but there’s also a lot of science behind it, as our resident astrophysicist can attest. What we’ve designed is a tool that’s so easy and affordable to use, it just makes sense to try LANDR out first. If you’re unsure of the results, and can afford to invest more time, effort and money, then pro mastering may well be worth your while. Having a LANDR file as a reference can be a useful tool, along with your feedback it will guide a mastering engineer in the right direction.