Sweet-n-low Music is proud to announce a new label has been added to our label roster; TeddyBear Records.


This interesting project started between two DJs, producers, remixers and friends with great love for music back in 2010. First BIG recognition for their work happened when Glen Horsborough incorporated their track “U Took My Love” to his “Disco Heaven” mix for Hedkandi in April 2012.
Since then these guys have been on a supersonic expressway to stardom, with their hit singles like “Free With Your Love”, “Sun Is Shining”, “Feelin ‘Better“ and remixes for Crazyibiza, Pray For More, Souljackerz, and Kevin Prise to name a few.
In addition, they are releasing music on many world renowned labels like Pornostar Records, Mjuzieek Digital, Pacha Recordings, Muzik XPress, Lo Kik Records, an on their own record label called Teddybear Records. All this and much more is what makes this duo a force to be reckoned with, these two guys from Belgrade bringing down some serious heat to the current House scene.