Sweet-n-low Music is proud to announce a new label has been added to our label roster; Mirizma.


Sound Entertainment For Educated Listeners Since 2001


Mirizma has been pushing the dub-flavored and experimental sound forward ever since. In 2006 it also accidentally becomes the first label promoting the dubstep genre on local Bulgarian ground.


Formed by EXo, Mirizma is nowadays a musical platform for experimental and forward thinking performances. It is also a kind of sister label to H.M.S.U. (fb.com/hmsuorg).


Artists presented in Bulgaria by appointment with Mirizma up to this date include : Mary Anne Hobbs (2008), Luke Envoy (2009), Nero (2007), Foreign Beggars (2009), BunZer0 (2009), Skitz (2009), Rodney P (2009), Luke Envoy (2008), Vadim (2009), MRK1 (2009), Deadbeat (2007), Sukh Kinght (2010), TRG (2008), Bar 9 (2010), Alien Pimp (2008), Jazzsteppa (2010), Solitude (2011), Rob Sparx (2011), Numa Crew (2011), Dub Terror (2011), Kromestar ft. MC Sun Of Sellah (2011), Von D (2011), Kryptic Minds (2011).