Sweet N Low once again attended the International Music Summit (IMS) in Ibiza. This is the 5th time we have attended this ever growing industry summit and we would like to share some key quotes, highlights and impressions with all our partners who could not be there.

IMS 2013’s highpoints included keynotes from Jean Michel Jarre, Sven Vath, Nile Rodgers returning for a second year in a row “post Daft Punk” plus blogger Bob Lefsetz cut to the chase with two hard-hitting statements. Perhaps the biggest story to emerge from IMS was the news that the annual IMS Anthem, created each year by an artist nominated by the event partners, was to be auctioned off for charity. This was a reaction to it being created by Nile Rodgers and remixed by Eats Everything – two of the hottest names around at the moment, the former for producing Daft Punk.


Daily Briefing Day 1 – IMS Ibiza 2013


Daily Briefing Day 2 – IMS Ibiza 2013


Daily Briefing Day 3 – IMS Ibiza 2013


Key highlights from the event were:


IMS Business Report announced that the genre is now worth $4.5 billion a year globally. Vegas now contributes $600 million in direct revenues alone. And the industry has seen over $300 million in acquisition in the last 12 months from just Live Nation and SFX Entertainment, with more expected. USA digital track sales have grown to over three times that of other major genres


Pioneer Jean Michel Jarre became the second ambassador for AFEM: Association for Electronic Music, created by IMS Partner Ben Turner with attorney Kurosh Nasseri. He joins Nile Rodgers, with the pair meeting on stage at IMS for the very first time.
Fatboy Slim being given the IMS Legends Award in a plush dinner at Cipriani – completed with video messages from Iggy Pop, David Byrne, Carl Cox and more.

Long serving Def Mix agency / management company creator Judy Weinstein presented with the IMS Pioneer Award by her own artist David Morales plus industry rivals David Levy (WME) and Maria May (CAA) in an emotional moment on stage


Key quotes from IMS 2103 were:


Patrick Moxey, Ultra Records: “There is no bubble to burst, because everything you see (in electronic music) is organic.”


 Marc Geiger, WME: “EDM is big money, and with big money comes the responsibility to grow up. You’re seeing the cultural plotting of electronic music all over the world. The ‘boom boom’ is just the beginning.”


 Bob Lefsetz: “If you get offered the cheque, take the cheque!” “If you’re watching TV and relaxing, you’ll never be successful. Don’t give me the excuse that you don’t have time to tweet.”


 Paul Van Dyk: “There is no artist identity anymore. If you’re in front of the stage for five hours, you’re hearing all the same things.”


 Stephen Greene, RockCorps: “Social responsibility in electronic music is about making ‘giving back’ part of youth culture.”


 Valentino Barrioseta, Bridges for Music: “Kids will listen more to Skrillex than Obama. Electronic artists have a huge amount of influence and responsibility now.”


 Fatboy Slim: “We all benefit (from commercialism), so we can’t afford to be sniffly about it.”


 Jean Michel Jarre: “Electronic music isn’t just a genre – it’s a new way of composing and writing music altogether. Its not the music that’s electronic, it’s the instruments.”


 Emmanuel De Buretel, Because Music: “Don’t trust artists, its their nature to kill you one day. A good way to have close relationship with an artist is to take a risk with them.”


 Carter Laren, Mox.tv: “There is a whole world of people who will never step into a club, but who still love electronic music.”


 David Waxman, Ultra Music: “EDM will come and go, but dance music will always stay.”


IMS 2013 had over 550 paid delegates plus speakers, media and sponsors. Attendees came from 39 countries this year. We hope to see you all there in 2014!!