Berlin is undoubtedly one of the coolest cities on the planet. It is well-known as a historical and cultural centre, as well as a hip gathering ground for artists, musicians, DJs, producers, designers, film makers and liberal minds of all persuasions to come and develop and showcase their talents. The music and club scene is the envy of the world and, thanks to the  Berlin way of mixing sleepless nights with productive days, the creative legend of Berlin continues to grow.


Berlin Music Week sets out to take an accurate snapshot of Berlin life and present it in all its grit and glory to an audience of local music lovers and international visitors alike.
The Berlin Music Week Club Festival takes place in the city’s most established and famous clubs to create a village of venues in the centre of the city.  The Kreuzberg district is perhaps the most vibrant and colourful neighbourhood of Berlin and this is where the focal point of Berlin Music Week will be, with official venues and off-locations in bars, cafes, stores and u-bahn stations creating a genuine festival spirit for a few fabulous days.
The club festival takes place each evening from 4th – 6th September and features artists of diverse genres and nationalities, presented by a wide range of local and international promoters, labels, agencies, organisations, and media partners.
Berlin prides itself on discovering and developing new talent and this will be a key element of the club festival with headline artists and the most interesting newcomer acts from around the world gathering to create a spectacle of live music and performance.


General Information:Dates: 04-06 September 2013

Booking policy: The live music programme will be a combination of bookings made by the Berlin Music Week booking team from artists submitted by companies and organisations through the official application process, as well as through credible labels, agencies, media, and other organisations presenting their own line-ups approved by the Berlin Music Week booking team.

Artist Applications: Berlin Music Week is accepting artist showcase applications directly to this submissions page
until May 31st 2013. We will aim to inform all artists of their showcase status by July 1st 2013.

Contracting party: Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH unless otherwise stated.

Terms: The music programme is booked under showcase festival conditions. Each artist will receive a good level of promotion through the various Berlin Music Week marketing platforms.


for artists application go to