Expand Your Business With Beatport Sounds

This business is about selling music and generating exposure. Beatport’s mission is to create more ways to help you do both, and our Sounds program is one of the more effective tools we have for doing so.


Sounds is the largest library of royalty-free beats, loops, samples and sound effects for DJ sets and original productions. We dismantled the outdated soundpack distribution and sales system and gave it some much-needed structure and organization to ensure producers and remixers can more easily find what they need faster and more efficiently.


The result is a platform that has generated a significant new revenue stream for participating suppliers. Some suppliers are actually making more money from their Sounds sales than from their catalog. Now is the time to get involved and work with us to diversify your product offerings on Beatport, and add a new revenue stream to your bottom line.


Look how suppliers like Waveform Recordings and Toolroom Records are taking advantage. They provide the sounds, and we create the cross-merchandizing opportunities within the store. We can also elevate your products with banner placements, exclusive promotions, and other methods to increase your visibility and drive sales.


So what are you waiting for? Contact us and get started!!