Sweet N Low YouTube Channel Management

Sweet N Low is  a Premium Content Partner of Google.  This enables us to offer you the service of YouTube Channel management geared at owners of audio and video material who desire more control over their channel and content.  If you have already have a YouTube channel or are thinking of setting one up, feel free to contact us.  Below is a little summary of what Channel management is all about: What can Sweet N Low do for you?

Content Fingerprinting Delivery • We deliver digital fingerprints of your audio and video content to YouTube.  YouTube then scans their database and recognizes all the videos, which include your audio and video content. (called Content-ID). • The original rights holder is recognized and the videos are protected • We control the content • We monetize and track the content It’s not possible for Artist / Labels and idea content owners to control, monetize or block user generated content.  Often videos uploaded by other users using your content have many views.  Sweet N Low has the possibility to control, monetize or block all videos which use your music and video content.

Take control of your copyright and increase your Royalties Channel Management • Legal rights management • Extensive control over the audio and video content • Claiming and optimizing of the whole catalog of a channel • Blocking of undesired user generated content • Optimizing of Metadata for a better YouTube ranking • Extended customization of the channel-design • Best possible linking of the videos • Strategies to commit the user to the channel

But I´m already monetizing my videos … • Great that means you have an Individual Video Partnership (IVP) in place.  IVP is the smallest partnership allowing simple monetization and no extra channel features. • Our Premium Video Partnership (PVP) is the most extensive partnership available.  Besides monetization it comes with many additional features:

Design and Branding • Channel Design – extensive options and branding possibilities • Featured Tab for new users – editorial spaces for content featuring • Channel Banner – placed above your channel allowing Imagemap links • Custom Thumbnails – available for every video in your channel • Watchpage Branding – small banner above your video highlighting your brand

Rights Management • Content Rights – management via the Content Management System (Content ID) • Identification – of possible “copies“ of your audio and video content • Audio Fingerprint – upload audio files to ID content without a video reference • Control Content – monetize, track, or block your and all user generated content • Create Revenue – specify how, when and where advertisements are displayed

YouTube and Merch-Store • Downloads – enables you to easily promote your music available on other sites • Merchandise – enables you to easily promote your t-shirts, posters, accessories, etc • Shopping – further cultivates fan relationship creating a shopping experience on your channels

Network and Know-How • Network – unique cross promotion, best practices and much more • Know-How – via the YouTube partner-management and workshops • Access – to audience development guides and playbook tutorials

Analysis • Analytics Tools – extensive analytics on views, range, ads and turnover Make the most of your YouTube channel with our management options!  Contact us today for more details.