Living Like I’m Dying will be the final single from Sharam Jey’s critically acclaimed second full-length artist album In My Blood.
This time talented singer Katrina Noorbergen from Australian indie band Cassette Kids, lends her voice to this catchy banger. She was always a huge fan of the original instrumental, which is the opener of the album. Katrina came up with a vocal idea and we liked it immediately and knew this has to be the next single!

And such a release deserves to be refined with only the best remix treatment. So we summed up an amazing package for you including mixes by King Kong Crew members and DJ/producer fellows Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries, Marco V., The S., Kutz, Tenzin, Wazabi, Nadisko, Mr Wonk.
This will be a 2-part release with each featuring a different set of remixes.