Early support from : Paco Osuna,Mihai Popoviciu,Ittetsu,Carlos Sanchez    ,Petar Cvetkovic,Igor Marijuan (Ibiza Sonica) and many more.

Our family welcomes Randal Boyz from Italy .

Dans ep ,comes with 2 original tracks and their remixes from
Claudia Amprimo (Tzinah/BodyParts) and Ismael Tenorio (Tip Tap Records)

Dans original track ,locks you for good into its solid bass groove, while the mid high frequencies are shaping the trip.

Claudia Amprimo with her remix , shows once more her ability to make you smile on the dancefloor , by creating a perfect soundtrack
that stays on your mind the next morning . Peak time!

Imagine Mekano original track , beeing played at 10am after you have spended all your energy , your mind keeps going!
Perfect for afterhours

Ismael Tenorio‘s remix ,includes melodies, dub elements and vocals into a break rhythm. We re expecting ,same great music productions from the Spanish man in the future !