We Need More (Love’s Symphony) by Eric D. Clark & Louie Austen on Spagat/SUBCURRENT Media. This marvel of musical endeavor was embarked upon as a foray into the world of acid lined techno; however true to rix’ form it’s influences are “deep and wide” to coin the title of another piece by Eric! This song is not merely a musical collaboration but one that involves a software collaboration as well! Eric has been using Audiotool (audiotool.com) rather extensively and as they won the German Design Awards (Eric designed all the music for the event) he had the pleasure of meeting the team that made this little nugget of musical interaction a dream come true! Louie and Eric met about a decade ago: the idea to do a song together is not a new one: one day Louie had been reading the news and thought the world needed more love as it were: he sent this idea to Eric: the result is quite obvious: “I took his readings and made them melodic with a narrative over this relentless trance type music” states Eric.