Vancouver based ‘Dark Arps‘ got busy in 2011. He stormed the Entheos Summer Gathering, Trancemission 14 festival and many club nights with his high-energy live PA performance. The ‘Summer of Discontent‘ live mix was featured on Retune FM in Manchester UK, Breakonomics in Dublin, UK based Life Support Machine and several major stations in the US. The numerous live mixes he’s released have traveled across the interwebs and even been featured at Vancouver’s legendary outdoor ‘Bike Rave‘ parties.
The slamming ‘Step Sequence Survivor’, a sultry dubstep-meets-progressive single, has been in heavy circulation since being released for free early in the year. His follow up ‘B-52’ received a 4/5 rating from Mixmag’s ‘Dave Clough’ who said it was “brilliantly produced and demands some serious attention.”

To kick off 2012 Dark Arps & Steamtown records proudly present his most potent offering yet, ‘Give Some Back’, an EP featuring three unique and intricately crafted tunes. The title track ‘Give Some Back’ & ‘Conspiracy Buff’ display a cinematic breakbeat edge while ‘Inland Empires’ delves into the high-energy territory of progressive house.